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La seducente ironia del soprano

The revelation, and it is said in a strict sense, is instead Madelyn Monti … Known as a soprano of melodrama, here shows a series of qualities that almost no soprano, however sublime, has: «irony» is a synthetic term but vague to define. Let us premise that a chamber concert is not a last resort for her: she has an intense voice, beautiful timbre, vibrant and homogeneous along the range … It is a lesson. Monti does not resort to any “theatrical” make-up to overcome vocal difficulties, sings impeccably and with seductive timbres; but she always inserts something additional, an accent that is overly emphatic or too sentimental, a perfect wink while expressing a murky or fiery pathos, to underline “detachment”, hers as interpreter, ours of historical necessity, from and of the musical-poetic context. Needless to say, in all three languages ​​she boasts the diction of a high-society lady. As if Edith Sitwell reincarnated?
Paolo Isotta, Corriere della Sera